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When we first started our Twitter account we asked our followers to let us know what they thought the B.W.C. in BWC Creative stood for. We got some really fun and wacky responses.

Beer, Wine & Caviar? - @wozgal
Bread Winning Conquerers - @CoryWaters
Burrito Wielding Cats - @karynkelbaugh
Born Worthy Communicators - @ImageSource
bizarre, wacky and creative - @ashluvslife
Buck Wild Cajuns - @Wordperson
Boinking with Condoms - @dmburrows
Buck Wild Cajuns smile - @1400words
beyond wildly creative - @edgphotography
black & white creative - @christywright

Lets not forget what it really stands for and the Twitter followers who hit it right on the nail. BWC Stands for Black White Color.

@edgphotography @christywright @buckirogers @JJJohnsonPhoto
@JohnDLindsey @AslanWRP

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Twitter experiment. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and learn more about the BWC Creative Team.

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