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“We were honored and inspired to help raise awareness and funding for Wonders & Worries,” says Megan Roe, Creative Director of Dallas-based design firm BWC Creative. “The guitar turned out so awesome and we’re sure that it will inspire someone to offer a great donation at auction.”

Collaboration is a beautiful thing. “It’s a concept that defines our creative philosophy, so when BWC Creative was selected to design a guitar for the W&W fundraiser, we were grateful to have the opportunity to donate our services,” says Ms. Roe. “It was an honorable cause and a great opportunity to do a really cool project.” In addition, the Epiphone Dot electric guitar was donated by Gibson Guitars in Austin. Todd Wingo, a master at wrapping vinyl graphics, and Mark Garcia of Dallas-based printer, Mad Ink, collaborated to provided their services for this cause.

When creative forces combine, energy emerges. Don Huff, professional designer and illustrator at BWC Creative, describes his inspiration… “The Hope Tree is children’s book by Laura Numeroff and Dr. Wendy Harpham and an activity at W&W where kids write their hopes and fears on a leaf and place them on a tree. We saw pictures of the trees created at W&W and I was very moved by the children’s simple prayers. I used the neck of the guitar as the trunk and let a simple illustration of branches and leaves flow across the face of the guitar. The children’s wishes on the leaves, a child’s hand placing a leaf on the tree and a heart at the center completed the design.”  

Wonders & Worries is an Austin, Texas based charity with a mission to provide psychological support for children and families coping with life threatening illnesses. To learn more about the auction or to donate to Wonders & Worries, please visit them on-line at wondersandworries.org or call 512.329.5757. BWC Creative is a place where ideas flourish — providing four distinct services in Design, Print, Web and Exhibit. See Todd Wingo’s work at myspace.com/toddwingo. Mark Garcia at Mad Ink can be reached at 214.562.2801. 

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